BreezeATX helped me so much. I was able to write an essay that I had no idea I could write. Before signing up for this workshop, thinking up ideas was a struggle, and I was not having much luck with writing anything. It was fun to have a goal in mind, and be able to complete that goal in such a short amount of time. I couldn't imagine writing this essay without the help of BreezeATX.



BreezeATX is an amazing workshop that in just two short days, helped me write an amazing college essay and made my anxieties about writing the perfect college admissions essay completely disappear. It is a really great feeling to have an essay you are proud of before the school year starts. I have learned some great essay writing strategies all while having fun. I would definitely recommend working with Sarah and Anni. They are amazing teachers!

-Gabi P.


BreezeATX has helped me write such a beautiful college essay that I really wouldn't have written without them. The teachers were always there to give me edits that I should make on my piece and to encourage me through the long writing process. Something I really admired through the whole process was just how they seemed to love what they were doing. It was such an amazing experience and I can say I'm going into senior year less stressed out and really ready to get at those college applications.

-Ximena S.


I had a wonderful time taking part in the BreezeATX classes and it has truly given me a better perspective on what colleges will be expecting from my applications. The teachers were very warm and friendly and offered valuable advice that helped make the application process much simpler. They listened well and ensured that our individual voices could be heard in our writing. They worked hard to provide thoughtful comments on our writing even outside of class hours. This class has made applying much less stressful for me in terms of timeliness and the quality of my essay/short answers is significantly better than what I could have written had I only self-edited. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to partake in this beneficial class and become acquainted with the teachers Anni and Sarah.

- Durri F


I had the amazing opportunity to have them both as my English teachers during my high school career. English wasn’t my best subject, but they both did an outstanding job of guiding me through it and truly helping me understand. Not only were they teachers to me, but they served as helping hands to expand my knowledge for future use. Class was never boring; there was always something appealing and fun to do. They both find a way to make sure that you are both understanding the material and comfortable doing it. They both push you out of your comfort zone to become a better writer and reader.

Yirha N.


Ms. Knox and Ms. Walker aren’t only amazing teachers but they are also two of the kindest and most understanding people I’ve met. I have been in each of their classes and both of them have effective and approachable teaching styles. Their teamwork is great as well. Their collaborative efforts and fun vibes when they are together are efficient and motivating when in a classroom setting.

Chloe L.


I have been a student of both Ms. Knox and Ms. Walker in my time at high school and I’m very grateful for both of them. Both Ms. Knox and Ms. Walker bring positive energy to English class and it’s helped me stay engaged throughout their classes. They’ve made me think critically about what I’m writing, and how I can improve it, to truly get the most out of my writing. I felt at home in each of their separate classes which helped me be more comfortable sharing with my classmates and in not being afraid to make mistakes.

Emme V.


I have had the spectacular privilege of having both Ms. Lindenberg-Knox and Ms. Walker as my high school English teachers. They have both taken the time to get to know me as, not just a writer, but as a person and strived to create the best learning environment for me. Both of these incredible teachers have really helped me realize who I am as a writer and what I can do to express myself through writing in a way that is true to who I am.

Francesca A.


I had the wonderful opportunity to have both Ms. Knox and
Ms. Walker as my English teachers and I have learned so much from them. They have helped me better my grammar so that I can focus on the idea or message I’m trying to convey in my writing piece. Being bilingual and starting to speak English at a later age has brought its obstacles and disadvantages, but both teachers have really made me feel safe by creating an encouraging environment where I can truly express my feelings through writing.

Lizbeth F.


I had Ms. Walker for four years as a teacher at Ann Richards, and during that time she advised me as I launched our high school newspaper, The Polaris Press, and taught me everything I know about journalism. Through this experience, she instilled in me writing skills that have led me to not only my dream college, but also to having my YA novel signed by an agent. Without Ms. Walker, I wouldn’t have learned how to ask deep questions of others and of myself, how to craft an argument, write succinctly and creatively, and most importantly, a confidence in my ability to write. I’m so utterly grateful for Ms. Walker’s guidance throughout my high school experience, and encourage everyone to work with her!

Willa Smith, Barnard College ‘20


I used to think that there were no words to express the gratitude I have for people like Ms. Walker, but she has taught me how to use them! Ms. Walker has done an extraordinary job at teaching her students how to write in all genres. Ms. Walker works closely with each student to find their strong and weak points and uses this to help them in school. Her goals in the classroom are more than just academia - she uses time with her students to strengthen community and create a safe space for all students. Writing can be difficult, especially during college essay writing as essays can be personal, but Ms. Walker helps students bring out the best of their ability while still looking out for students’ wellbeing. She goes above and beyond teaching, she is a mentor and an ally to youth.

Becca Alonso, Smith College ‘22


In the three years I had her as a teacher and mentor, Ms. Walker helped me hone the writing skills I didn’t know I had, which I carry with me to this day. Even now as an architecture student I have found these skills to be indispensable for communication and clarity. She inspired me to find my voice, inspiring confidence in myself and in what I had to say. With her kind and gracious teaching style, Ms. Walker finds her students strengths and helps them improve on their weaknesses. She also gets to know her students in a personal capacity, making sure they are creatively challenged while looking out for their wellbeing. I am incredibly grateful for the time I was able to work with her, as is everyone else lucky enough to be her student!

Emma Foster, Rice University ‘20


I have always felt relatively confident in my writing capabilities, but having Ms. Walker for three years constantly challenged me to be better. Conferences with Ms. Walker are always catalysts for improvement because she asks challenging questions to uncover where each writer is coming from, where they want to go with the piece, and the method that they are using in every instance, ensuring that the angle of the narrative is deeply understood. The purposeful writing that Ms. Walker inspires can be difficult to achieve, but she brings the energy to conferences that motivates writers to do so. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with her for three years, not just because of the improvement in my writing, but also for the bright personality and positivity she brought into my life.

Alejandra Wait, Whitman College ‘22


Ms. Walker was not only my teacher for four years, but my friend and mentor. She deeply cares about her students both academically and personally and so generously dedicates her time to her professional responsibilities. When meeting with her about my writing, she helped me to truly convey the point(s) I was trying to get across. This was especially important when writing college essays as they have strict word counts and are the only part of your application where you get to candidly and creatively portray yourself. Everyday in class, her sweetness brought joy to the room and created an encouraging and upbeat work environment that facilitated creativity and collaboration. Her passion for her job inspires her students to work hard, truly care about their work and desire to perform well.

Madeline Schell, UT Austin ‘22


Having Ms. Walker as my teacher in high school provided me with great mentorship in and outside the classroom walls. I look to her with great admiration and see an amazing teacher who deeply cares about her students. She pushed me to always create work that I was proud of, making sure I had all the resources I needed to get there. Her skilled writing, alongside her teaching style, was the reason she helped me grow my writing to where it is now. She has written me numerous recommendations for colleges/scholarships and although I can not legally read them, I know she has provided quality writing to these institutions. There is no doubt in my mind that Ms. Walker would provide the very best writing services to students. She is an amazing teacher, role model, and friend. I am forever grateful for her contribution in my learning career.

Sierra Walton, University of Redlands ‘22

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